Pogo Pedals

There are those who would say what we do is not short of awesome

The Pogo Pedals team is a melting pot. We have young, we have old, we have the insanely skilled and the insanely passionate. We have men, and we have women. We have smart-alecs and the just-plain-smart. We cuss and discuss our way through ideas, products and details, putting what we’ve got to give on the table, working to make something together that’s better than anything we’d do alone.

It’s that unique blend that helps us bridge the gap between modern players and classic sounds. It let’s us put our voice into the universal language of music—and let’s everyone who uses our gear put their unique voice into it, too.

The endless knot you see on our pedals represents that connection—humanity’s connection that we all have through this beautiful, universal language.