Zen Ray

A pedal you'll never want to not play, and always want to not sell

"It’s like Jan Ray and Zen Drive had an OD baby, and that baby became a superhero OD that literally rocked the guitar universe like the GOD that it is!"


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The Zen Ray is Pogo Pedal’s flagship overdrive that helped launch the company in 2020. We designed the Zen Ray to stand out from two famed boutique overdrives that are beloved by players around the world. Zen Ray has a few unique controls that allow the pedal to be modern and versatile all while maintaining the blood and soul of true vintage sound and craftsmanship.

We understand how personal and critical a player’s overdrive tone is to them. We believe the versatility and unique controls of this pedal allow the player to capture their very own sonic signature.

And if you’re a bass player, you’ll love it too.


Germ Toggle. Toggle on the “germ” switch to add 2 germanium transistors to the signal. This produces softer clipping for a more “out of the box feel”. You also get a bit more crunch here.

Mid Saturation. Use the “Mid Saturation” control to add or remove the harmonic saturation of the midrange. This allows you to dial in a heavier-mid-crunch or a scooped-mid sound. Crank it up for a glassy, sparkly tone.

Demo Videos

RJ Ronquillo

Federico S. Kajganić

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